Jan 21, 2013

62 Tips on Effective eLearning Instructional Design -ebook

   It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the new learning technologies that become available every day: mobile apps, 3-D virtual worlds, geolocation, MOOCs, new development tools, and on and on. But despite the allure of these toys and shiny objects, the success of any eLearning project rests primarily on effective instructional design, not on any mix of technologies. Only eLearning that addresses the needs of learners and stakeholders—and does it in ways that facilitate learning transfer, knowledge retention, and skills development—has any significant value.
You need expert help to get past the distractions. This eBook features tips from 62 from top eLearning professionals and instructional design experts, offering guidance in areas including:
  • Making Learning Stick
  • Effective Instructional Design and Development
  • Managing Project Costs and Time
  • Demonstrating Your Value
  • Documenting and Managing Your Designs and Standards
  • Designing for Mobile
  • Customizing and Personalizing Learning

Contributing Editor, Karen Forni



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