Sep 19, 2012

How to deliver technical training via mobile devices

This is a webinar from CDG Company for mobile, you can join it free .

With the rise in usage of mobile devices, what opportunities does this offer technical trainers? How do you create content that works well on mobile devices? How can you ensure that it functions correctly on all types of devices?

In this webinar presented by Luke Dart, Technical Content Developer, Advanced Learning Solutions Team, CDG a Boeing company, you will learn how mobile devices can be used to support your training activity to reduce classroom time and meet the needs and expectations of your students. It will give you insights into how other training departments are using mobile devices and ideas for your own training function. You will learn about some of the current limitations, what can be achieved and how to make it happen.

Join this live, interactive webinar to learn:

The contexts in which mobile devices can be used for training
The benefits they offer
How to structure content for mobile devices
Delivering content via mobile devices – what is possible and how it is done
The current limitations and issues
Who will benefit from attending:
Technical Training Managers
HR Managers
Engineering Managers
Customer Support Managers
Maintenance Managers

Luke Dart, Technical Content Developer, Advanced Learning Solutions Team, CDG a Boeing company

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

9:00 am / 09:00 (GMT)
10:00 am / 10:00 (BST)

Good time.


Dmitry said...


Are you planning on writing the blog about softawer developments and mobile apps more? Hope you do.

Best regards,
Dmithry from the web application development services

Denny Afstand said...

I agree that this webinar will be very useful for a complete understanding of how to deliver technical training via mobile devices. I recently read the mobile market research there is a topic mentioned was compared on the basis of major competitors.

Martin Swanganon said...

To give technical training via mobile devices, I would recommend to use skype or gotomeeting. I have used gotomeeting many times to give training to my staff located at different part of the world.

It also use low bandwidth that override the voice breaks and noise disturbance.

Martin Swanga
Gateway TechnoLabs - Custom Software Application Development Company

Veni V said...
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Veni V said...

i would recommend the skype or hangouts or google play store are having the some mobile apps.

Maria Petar said...

Although I've missed the meeting about content development.. I would like to visit it next time. Please make an announcment as soon as you get the details of a possible, future meeting. Thanks
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Nicole Khoo said...

Good post on technical training.Thanks for share.
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Dhananjay Goel said...

Delivering technical training is easy when it comes to the use of mobile devices, we use the same strategy for our team.

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